Life is Life


Life is life-pure and simple. I have life; therefore, you would think I would be happy, grateful, joyful and walking with a spring in my step.

Alas, it’s hard to walk with a spring in your step when your feet, knees and legs do not cooperate. Visualize this, one leg hurriedly moving forward, the other leg hesitantly gliding forward and your feet, just looking around saying, “For pity sakes, line-up!” Sorry, my warped sense of humor popping out. Seriously, I have Avascular Necrosis of my left knee (the bone in my knee has died), so there are times when walking can be painful and difficult for me; thus, my steps are small, sturdy and calculated…if I am careful where I place my foot, my balance will become sturdier. Conversely, if I hurry, and don’t look down, my balance may be a tad off causing me to stumble and take a tumble and have a short meet and greet with the ground.

When you think about it, isn’t life as a Christian the same way? If you take time to study God’s word, to pray and sit quietly, waiting for his voice to whisper answers in your ears, your ability to walk is strengthened and your pace and step become quicker and lighter. On the other hand, if you don’t stop and study God’s word, or listen to His voice, your life may take a drastic tumble and you may land with a big thump and land right on your ole rump. Your body may be slightly bruised and your ego sore, but you have the option to reach up and ask God for help, or remain mired in the murky morass of life.

Some days, it is easier to take off running without listening to God’s gentle voice, but he doesn’t turn his back on us when we take off running and ignore His Word. Despite our propensity for falling down, God our Father loves us. He is like a patient parent waiting to pick us up after each fall.

Perhaps, there will be a time when we are beyond His help, and He no longer will choose to help us out of the dark abyss we have fallen into. In life there is a choice…do we chose to remain in darkness, or do we chose light. Do we choose to grab our Heavenly Father’s hand and allow him to help us out, or do we stubbornly refuse to be rescued by our Father.

Like I said, Life is Life. It’s how you chose to live it that dictates how bright or dim it shall become. Will you allow God to help you, or will you stubbornly, turn your eyes and heart away and remain in darkness.

Personally, I would rather be rescued instead, of falling and refusing God’s help. Ultimately, being rescued in this life means a chance to walk hand in hand with God toward His magnificent Kingdom and everlasting life.


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Pets, Pain and Selective Hearing

If you have pets, you will appreciate the fact that they have selective hearing. In fact, I whine and complain about my pain, but my complaints fall on deaf ears. Thus, it is wiser to find another topic to entertain them.

Seriously, when I whine and complain, I am humbled when I recall a great author and lady, Catherine Marshall. For those of you who are too young to remember Catherine, she wrote the fiction books Christy and Julie along with numerous non-fiction books chronicling her faith and how God worked in her life. You see, Catherine suffered great pain and illnesses most of her adult life. Despite the pain and the inability to breath at times, she remained strong in her belief and faith in God. There were times she would feel sorry for herself, feel helpless, and a burden, but she never once turned her back on God. Instead she clung closer to Him.

Whenever I whine, I try to think of Catherine and the inner strength that she had, thus I shake myself off, give myself a lecture and really try to focus on what Is good in my life. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who accepts me for who I am … eccentricities and all … he also provided me with the most beautiful, funny sensitive daughter, grandson and the funniest, goofiest step daughters and grand kids. So, I may have a week moment in time and lapse into self- pity even for a few days, but I know in my heart God has plans for me and it is up to me to find the strength and wisdom to discover those plans and carry them out.

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Chocolate Pie and Illusions

When I was in sixth grade I joined 4-H and my subjects of interest were sewing and cooking. After learning the basics, I had the chance to do something fun. Since Chocolate Meringue Pie was my favorite pie, so that’s what I choose to make.

I measured and poured ingredients into bowls, rolled out the dough and finally, put the filling in the crust and topped it with Meringue. Carefully I put the pie in the oven and anxiously waited for the pie to bake.

After an hour or so, I took the pie out set it on the table and admired my work. The pie was beautiful. The Meringue was tall, golden brown and well, gorgeous.

Excitedly, I called my mom in to take a look and take the first bite of pie. My mom was so surprised at how pretty it looked. Gingerly she cut into the pie and took a bite-her face contorted into weird apparitions, her mouth was open, but no words were coming out. Slowly, I reached for a fork and scooped up a piece of pie, and quickly put it into my mouth. I coughed and gagged; it was so salty that I could barely swallow the food. It didn’t take too long to figure out that I had put a ¼ cup of salt into the pie, instead of a ¼ teaspoon.

Sometimes in life – we may look at a person, or at a home and think how beautiful, I wish I looked that pretty, or I wish my home was that beautiful. Sadly, the truth is exposed, when we step into a house we thought was beautiful, or get to know someone who we perceived to be beautiful is in truth, a façade or an illusion.

Life is like that at times, not exactly what we pictured; thus, we need to remember what goes on behind the façade isn’t always what the world sees. Instead, one may be living in a world of hurt, abuse, sadness, and loneliness.

This is an age-old story, but one that needs to be retold so that when we feel ugly or life is throwing us stones instead of rain that we remember we are not alone. Someone else is out there experiencing the same heartache and loneliness that we may be feeling. Remember, just because it looks beautiful on the outside it may be a jumble on the inside. Seek to understand and to be non-judgmental of others because, they just may need to talk to, or seek out a friend in order to hear God loves them even when life appears to be a jumbled mess and hopeless.

As a Christian and a human being, judging others can and is easy regardless of our level of faith in God; consequently we present with human characteristics that aren’t always so beautiful. When you profess to love others, do you judge them, or turn away from them before stopping, and really looking at the person? If so, you may be missing out on a chance to be a beacon of God’s love and understanding. Perhaps, where you see beauty they see ugliness and darkness. Maybe just maybe, if we stop and examine what we see we will learn God has a bigger plan than we could imagine; thus, we need to be ready to taste the dessert, and be ready to act in love and go beyond the bitterness in order to find the sweetness.


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