Snowflakes and the Library

For many years I lived a couple of blocks from the old library in Beardstown. My favorite time to walk to the library was in the early evening, during a fresh snow.
I loved the feel of the snowflakes when they gently landed on my face. The walking path took me by the Lutheran church. The brick church sparkled and looked inviting sitting in the folds of the glistening snow. The air felt so cool, refreshing and invigorating. I loved leaving my footprints dotted along the sidewalk as I ambled slowly toward the next street. As I turned the corner on Washington and Third Street, the park came into view. The park held the bandstand, old tall craggy trees, evergreens, a cannon and the beautiful water fountain. The park looked magical in the bejeweled blanket of snow. Across the street stood the library with its huge picture windows. The curtains were open and you could see shelves stacked with books. The soft glow of the lights lent an inviting presence that whispered, “come in and rest a bit, allowing your body and soul to thaw among the warmth of the books.”

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