The Skinny Tree

When I got divorced Round 2003, funds were tight and I moved into a new apartment based on my income. My apartment was small, but cozy. I didn’t have room to put up a big tree, nor did I have money to splurge on, and buy a new tree.
One day while shopping in Springfield, I stopped in the Jeffery Allan’s store. I told myself I was
“window shopping.” As I came around the last aisle, I saw IT … a narrow, skinny tree with tiny colored lights. I fell in love.
The store clerk came over to ask me if I needed help. I asked her how much the tree cost. Sadly, it was a display tree and pretty expensive. I told the clerk thank you and slowly started up the aisle to head out of the store.
The clerk must have seen something in my eyes and before I knew what was going on, the store clerk and her manager were heading my way. The manager said I could purchase the tree, “as is.” I was honored, proud and a bit giddy. I couldn’t believe that I would have a tree for my very first year in the apartment- my new home. At the time, the tree cost me $40.00. Even then, it was a lot of money when you were counting your pennies.
Through out the years my daughter and friends have made ornaments for my little tree. When Mara got older and started working, she saved her money and would buy Boyd Bear Ornaments for my Christmas gifts.
So you see, it’s not about the money. Nope! My memory tree is made outta love

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