Worldy Views Versus Pollyanna

Some days the weight of the world can be a burden. Starving children, homeless families, lives lost in war, death and illness of family and friends. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.
It would be so easy to turn the television off, quit reading the newspaper and put our blinders on … shielding ourselves from feeling sad or depressed.
Is this really what we should do? Should we pretend that everything is beautiful, fun and joyful? If we do this, how do we help folks? How do we make a difference in the world? In the lives of the starving folks, or even help our friends and family members?
Personally, I feel sad for all the pain I see, but I try to find a glimmer of beauty in God’s world.

I may not be able to help solve all the issues of the world, but I can pray, I can donate money or time to help the needy, provide food, clothing or a bit of financial help to my family and friends during the low ebb in their lives.
Giving time, or money is a gift from the heart that I have been entrusted with – a steward for The Lord if you will.
Don’t hide your heads, but find one thing you can do to help make someone’s life easier. Pray for our soldiers, the orphans and our seniors. Money cannot help resolve all issues. God hears our prayers and knows when we are sincere and unable to help in any other fashion.

Yes, it realize it may sound a little “Pollyanna,” but trusting God to work and not relying on self is a brave thing to do.
Just remember you cannot cure or help everyone in the world; therefore, take time each day to focus and pray for one folks in crisis.

Being positive and putting the blinders on, and being up beat is a fantastic, but, there are days when I am bitter and disillusioned about all the pain in the world and total ineptness of our politicians, but these words always put things in perspective for me, “It Could be Worse.”
I urge you, to take time to count your blessings today and do one act of kindness, or pray for our country, our government, our preachers, teachers, families-whatever you choose, do make sure your heart and motives are sincere.

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