God Believes in You ~ Even if you don’t Believe in Him

The other day I was asked the question via an email, “Why does God let bad things happen?” The young man I was chatting with proceeded to share with me that he and his wife had lost two babies preterm. The young couple has not conceived, since their last pregnancy. I continued reading the note. The young man asked, “Why does God allow child abuse, kidnappings, rape, and torture?”
In his anger, he shared with me a story about his neighbor. “My neighbor was going to seminary, so he could be a minister. While in seminary the student and his wife were struggling financially to make ends meet. During this hardship, his wife fell ill. Feeling hopeless and frustrated, the neighbor and his wife turned to their church and asked for help. In bitterness and anger, my young acquaintance wrote, “The church essentially turned their back on my neighbor and his wife refusing to help them out during their dire straits.”
Understandably, there are two sides to every story. Regrettably, the story this young man knew was his story … “Churches don’t help out their own members, let alone strangers.”
The truth of the matter is this, Churches are filled with people; therefore, the church is not perfect. No human being can obtain perfection, despite trying over and over to reach that unobtainable goal. Some folks may think they are perfect, but that is where their unrealistic belief system takes over their mind.
In conclusion, There are no pat answers that will answer everyone’s questions about why this and why that. In my opinion, it is Satan that allows evil, so he can break down the human being and turn their eyes and hearts away from God.
I would add, even though you don’t believe in
God ~ He believes in you. When you chose to believe, God will be waiting for you with open arms and tons of love.
Life will be easier when God’s love is guiding you through the abyss of life versus -traversing the abyss of life all alone. Notice, I said easier, but not free of struggles and angst.
“All things are Possible through God, not impossible”

Life is Life

Life is life-pure and simple. I have life; therefore, you would think I would be happy, grateful, joyful and walking with a spring in my step.
Alas, it’s hard to walk with a spring in your step when your feet, knees and legs do not cooperate. Visualize the left leg hurriedly moving forward, the right leg hesitantly gliding forward and your feet, just looking around saying, “For pity sakes, line-up!” Sorry, my warped sense of humor popping out.

Seriously, I have Avascular Necrosis of my left knee (the bone in my knee has died), so there are times when walking can be painful and difficult for me; thus, my steps are small, sturdy and calculated…if I am careful where I place my foot, my balance will become sturdier. Conversely, if I hurry, and don’t look down, my balance may be a tad off causing me to stumble and take a tumble and have a short meet and greet with the ground.
When you think about it, isn’t life as a Christian the same way? If you take time to study God’s word, to pray and sit quietly, waiting for God’s voice to whisper answers in your ears, your ability to walk is strengthened and your pace and step become quicker and lighter. On the other hand, if you don’t stop and study God’s word, or listen to His voice, your life may take a drastic tumble and you may land with a big thump on your ole rump. Your body may be slightly bruised and your ego sore, but you have the option to reach up and ask God for help, or remain mired in the murky morass of life.
Some days, it is easier to take off running without listening to God’s gentle voice, but he doesn’t turn his back on us when we ignore His Word. Despite our propensity for falling down, God our Father loves us. He is like a patient parent waiting to pick us up after each fall.
Perhaps, there will be a time when we are beyond His help, and He no longer will choose remove us out of the dark abyss we have fallen into. In life there is a choice … do we chose to remain in darkness, or do we chose light. Do we choose to grab our Heavenly Father’s hand and allow him to help us out, or do we stubbornly refuse to be rescued by our Father.
Like I said, Life is Life. It’s how you chose to live it that dictates how bright or dim it shall become. Will you allow God to help you, or will you stubbornly, turn your eyes and heart away and remain in darkness.
Personally, I would rather be rescued, instead of falling and refusing God’s help. Ultimately, being rescued in this life … means a chance to walk hand in hand with God toward His magnificent Kingdom and everlasting life.