Chocolate Pie and Assumptions

When I was in sixth grade I joined 4-H. My subjects of interest were sewing and cooking. After learning the basics of cooking, I had the chance to do make anything I desired. Chocolate Meringue Pie was my favorite desert, so that’s what I choose to make.

I measured and poured ingredients into bowls, rolled out the dough, poured the cooked filling into the piecrust and topped it with Meringue. Carefully, I put the pie in the oven and anxiously waited for the pie to bake.

After an hour or so, I took the pie out set it on the table and admired my work. The pie was beautiful. The meringue was tall, golden brown and picture perfect. I was so proud of my baking skills!

Excitedly, I called my mom in to see my beautiful creation. Mom was so surprised at how pretty it looked. Gingerly, she cut into the pie and took a bite-her face contorted into weird apparitions, her mouth was open, but no words were coming out. I reached for a fork and scooped up a piece of pie, and quickly put it into my mouth. I coughed and gagged; it was so salty that I could barely swallow the food. It didn’t take too long to figure out that I had put a ¼ cup of salt into the pie, instead of a ¼ teaspoon.

Sometimes in life – we may look at a person, or at a home and think I wish were as beautiful as she is, and I wish my home looked perfect and beautiful. The truth of the matter … when we step into a house we thought was beautiful, and when we meet the individual whom we perceived to be beautiful- the truth is exposed. The real person or home is facade or an illusion.

Life is like that at times, not exactly what we pictured; thus, we need to remember what goes on behind the facade isn’t always the truth. The truth may be worse than we could imagine. Behind the closed doors that beautiful person may be living in a world of hurt, abuse, sadness, and loneliness and financial ruin.

This is an age-old story, but one that needs to be retold, so that when we feel ugly, or life is throwing us stones-we are not alone. Someone out there is experiencing the same heartache and loneliness that we may be feeling. Remember, if it looks beautiful on the outside it may be a jumble on the inside. Seek to understand and not be judgmental of folks because, they may need to talk to, or seek out a friend, in order to hear God loves them … even when life appears to be a jumbled mess of hopeless.

As a Christian and a human being, judging friends, neighbors, and strangers is easy regardless of our level of faith in God; consequently, we show traits of human characteristics that aren’t beautiful.
When professing to love folks, do you judge them, or turn away from them, before stopping and really looking at them? If so, you may be missing out on a chance to be a beacon of God’s love and understanding. Perhaps, where you see beauty, they see ugliness and darkness. If we stop and examine each person and situation, we will learn God has a bigger plan than could ever be imagined.
Thus, we need to be ready to taste the dessert, and go beyond the bitterness to find the sweetness.