Selective Hearing and Whining

If you have pets, you will appreciate the fact that they have selective hearing. In fact, I whine and complain about my pain, but my complaints fall on deaf ears. Thus, it is wiser to find another topic to entertain them.

I am humbled when I recall a great author and lady, Catherine Marshall. For those of you who are too young to remember Catherine, she wrote the fiction books Christy and Julie along with numerous non-fiction books chronicling her faith and how God worked in her life. You see, Catherine suffered great pain and illnesses most of her adult life. Despite the pain and the inability to breath at times, she remained strong in her belief and faith in God. There were times she would feel sorry for herself, feel helpless, and a burden, but she never once turned her back on God. Conversely, she clung closer to Him.

Whenever I whine, I try to think of Catherine and the inner strength that she had; thus, I shake myself off, give myself a lecture and to focus on- what is good in my life. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who accepts me for who I am … eccentricities and all … he also provided me with the most beautiful, funny sensitive daughter, step daughters and grandsons. I may have a week moment in time, and lapse into self- pity for a few days, but I know in my heart God has plans for me and it is up to me to find the strength and wisdom to discover those plans and carry them out.