Goals, Smoke, and Truth

As the New Year begins, we all make big goals and resolutions, but how many folks have actually opened their Bible to read about God’s plan and the plan that He has for us?
I am guilty of not reading the scriptures and listening to the still voice of God. Instead, I rush headlong into planning big goals, little goals and selfish goals for the year. Like most folks, I start out at the gate running, running with all my might. As I reach the fifty-yard goal, my mind and body sputter and clamor, and collapse. Drained of all energy, worn out, dispirited, my goals remain in the distant land of make believe. Yes, make believe. I made myself believe I could do all things, but in actuality, I am human; therefore, I cannot do all things.
We may strive for perfection, and we may know folks that appear to have it all … reached their goals and surpassed their goals. In essence, what we see is Smoke and mirrors. We are manipulated into seeing what we are supposed to see, not the truth.
Truth. What is truth? How do we know whose truth to believe? Truth means: something factual, a true statement, and generally believed. To be believed, the truth is backed up by something factual; thus, we research, study and compare reports and facts.
You may wonder how I have made the leap from: New Year, goals, smoke and mirrors and the truth. It’s simple … Instead of jumping into the relay of life headlong, stop and research God’s Words. Meditate, and pray. God will clear the smoke, the mirrors, and the fog blocking your mind, heart and soul from the truth.
Personally, I have not made any New Years Resolutions other than striving to read and listen to God’s truth; therefore, I have made a concentrated effort in discerning what is guiding me throughout the year … God’s truth, or human’s truth.
Human’s truth, is what we human’s perceive to be true, and not relying on God’s word. Honestly, it’s a fine line to traverse.
You and I may read the same passage in the Bible and walk away with a totally different meaning. A number of folks may take God’s word out of context and use their smoke and mirrors to lead you astray. Conversely, there are folks that may take God’s word literally and become the whip and chain punishing folks for not walking in the truth. Shaky ground to be sure, but God will clear the smoke and turn the mirrors away from the false witnesses and guide you along the road to the finish line.
My challenge for you this year- read God’s word, listen not only with your ears, but also with your heart and soul. Eradicate the smoke and mirrors, so you may see the truth. Permit the truth to guide you throughout the year when faced with making decisions, goals or confronted with the depth of despair. With God one can conquer hurdles placed in the paths of life~TL